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5 Reasons Why Flossing Should Be A Priority Every Day

Maintaining oral hygiene and having healthy teeth not only make us look good, but also make us feel good. A lot of people think that brushing teeth at least twice a day is enough, however, little do they know about the importance of flossing, and such awareness is mandatory. Flossing can be explained as the process of cleaning between the teeth and gum by using a thin filament, which is available in the form of string and ribbon. At times brushing fails to reach certain parts of our mouth, and the space between our gums does not get cleaned, which leads to cavities, tooth decay and various other dental issues. 

Let’s look at some of the top reasons that make flossing every day so compulsory. 

  1. Regular flossing protects us from plaque. It is a type of bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth. These bacteria produce harmful acids that destroy our tooth enamel, causing tooth decay. Flossing prevents the build-up of such bacteria as the excess food particles, which cannot be reached while brushing, gets removed. Plaque leads to Gingivitis, which is a type of gum disease. People who suffer from teeth sensitivity and gum bleeding get a lot of relief when they practice regular flossing. It has been found that flossing actually prevents gum bleeding. However, these damaging acids keep accumulating on your teeth and gums if you don’t floss regularly. 

  2. Flossing plays a role in controlling diabetes. Yes, diabetes and flossing are closely related because if we don’t floss, the bacteria build-up promptly and affects the glucose levels in our blood. Therefore, flossing stabilizes blood glucose levels by controlling such injurious oral bacteria.

  3. Flossing provides protection from heart disease. Gingivitis, if left unchecked, can attack our organs through the bloodstream, resulting in heart disease or blood clots. Flossing is an effective solution if you want to prevent such a serious illness. There are several renowned Dentist in Chelmsford, who can further provide you with detailed knowledge regarding the link between heart disease and flossing.

  4. Tartar is a type of plague that causes cavities, tooth decay and gum damage. It also leads to bad breath, tooth sensitivity and even tooth loss. Flossing prevents Tartar accumulation, ensuring fresh and odour-free breath. 

  5. A study revealed that people who are suffering from both gum disease and arthritis are affected by the same plaque bacteria, which is found in the patient’s mouth and joints, signifying the direct relationship between the two conditions. 

Therefore, it’s important that the next time you brush your teeth, you must not forget to floss. You can always reach out to the dentists in Chelmsford for professional guidance. Turn flossing into a habit and see the benefits yourself in no time. 

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